Environmental assessment and management

Sue became familiar with environmental impact assessment (EIA) processes through previous employment at UCT’s Environmental Evaluation Unit, WESSA, the then Department of Environmental and Cultural Affairs and Sport (DECAS) and the Overstrand Municipality.

She can advise on listed activities in the NEMA: EIA Regulations, provide input for EIAs and conduct Basic Assessments for small-scale activities, and give guidance on the interpretation and application of other legislation relevant to coastal and freshwater systems.

Sue currently forms part of the Environmental Control Officer team for the construction of Abagold's innovative wave-energy converter project in Hermanus, and can provide ECO services for other developments in the greater Cape Town and Overberg areas.

She can advise landowners on the sustainable use, protection and rehabilitation of natural systems, and can prepare environmental reports (sustainability, state of environment, compliance monitoring) and management plans.